New Zealand is a fantastic place to shoot films
You can re-create nearly any corner of the world in New Zealand
We have alternative seasons to the northern hemisphere

Favourable exchange rate:
$1 Euro buys $1.65 NZ
£1 British pound buys $1.80 NZ
$1 U.S. buys $1.39 NZ
$1 Australian buys $1.11 NZ
$1 Canadian buys $1.12 NZ
$1 Hong Kong buys $0.1783 NZ
$1 Japanese Yen buys $0.012 NZ
1 Chinese Yuan Renminbi buys $0.212 NZ††††(all rates approximate)

Competitive rates for crew and equipment, post-production,and all areas of production!
Over 25 actor/model agencies with a wide variety of talent available. Buyouts/special rates can be negotiated
Stunning sea-life, bird-life and other animals (none dangerous!)
A wealth of experienced technicians and crew - fully up-to-date with world trends in equipment/techniques
The world-famous Kiwi attitude - we can do ANYTHING!
We're a very friendly bunch - you'll have lots of fun and be well looked after here!